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Key Tax Considerations for Fiscal Year 2023

Key Tax Considerations for Fiscal Year 2023 The United Kingdom’s corporate tax framework changed, effective April 2023, and this may have implications for your business.   Corporation tax applies to Limited companies, which is a responsibility triggered by profitable financial years. It is essential to note that companies operating at a break-even point or incurring […]

What is business professionalisation?

What is business professionalisation? Professionalisation is the process of transforming an organisation into one that is efficient, financially stable, and operates using best practices. This includes developing policies and procedures, improving business architecture, and increasing overall professionalism to enhance performance and efficiency. Professionalisation consultants provide services to businesses and organisations, such as conducting audits and […]


BUSINESS CONSULTANT vs VCOO What is a Virtual Chief Operating Officer (VCOO) and how does one compare to a Business Consultant? The VCOO is a dynamic force in the business realm that stands apart from the traditional Business Consultant. While both roles share the objective of enhancing organisational performance and fostering growth, the VCOO takes […]