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If you are wondering how to set up your own business then you are in the right place! Take a look at our step-by-step guide below and speak to an experienced Chief Operating Officer, who will give you the advice and support you need.

UK business consultant

More than just a business consultant,
your ‘on-demand’ COO works for you to turn your business vision into reality

Everything you need to start a business:

  1. Market research
  2. Define your vision and mission
  3. Define your audience and route to market
  4. Choose the right legal structure for your business
  5. Create your brand logo and stationery
  6. Register your business
  7. Register a web domain and as our client, we’ll host it for free
  8. Make sure your bookkeeping is organised from day 1, so you avoid a big accountancy bill at the end of the year
  9. Write a business plan
  10. Create cash flow forecasts
  11. Perfect Your Elevator Pitch
  12. Open a business bank account
  13. Create a website
  14. Apply for licences and insurance
  15. Apply for grants
  16. Apply for funding
  17. Start your social media channels
  18. Get your first customer!

Get in touch today and speak to an experienced Virtual COO, who can talk you through how your business can become a reality with Professionalisation.

We know how to run a successful small business and our time can be used for any of your operational needs, which is perfect for small businesses who need a little bit of everything.


Everything starts with
a conversation

Your first conversation with a Virtual COO is free and we make a genuine effort to provide as much value as possible. We will answer any questions and explain exactly how we can help.

Purchase a 'time pack' based on how much time you need

You'll be glad to know our hourly rates are designed for small businesses and charities. All time is pre-paid, refundable and there is no minimum spend or contract, putting you in complete control of your costs.

We now work for you,
according to your instructions

Your Virtual COO will get to work bringing your business to life!

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