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Ceara says: “The Professionalisation team have been instrumental in assisting me with formulating and implementing a long term growth strategy for my business. From branding and contracts, to registering my business and taking over bookkeeping, they have been hugely helpful in both providing advice, as well enacting processes to free myself up to focus on operations and future services.

I am incredibly happy with the service I am being provided and would whole heartedly recommend them.

UK business consultant

Professionalisation helped Gina “so much in getting clarity on which direction to take in my business. I was feeling overwhelmed and anxious with regards to managing my finances, tax laws etc”. Professionalisation “really helped me to take control and move forward” “I cannot recommend this company enough. They seem to really care”. “Thank you! 🙏

Preeti “needed some support with managing ideas and strategy” and says Professionalisation is “empathetic, listens, and provides helpful solutions based on what has been shared. I implemented an idea and within a week started to benefit monetarily”, “quickly making back my investment in this service with profit to spare!

Gia says Professionalisation “truly understood me and my new business direction. We covered the equivalent of 30 days of self-directed work within a total of 2 hours together! Professionalisation has saved me so much time, and my sanity. I have finally found an efficient and reliable company to help me restructure my start-up business in a way which is sustainable in the long term future.

We know you need a simple pricing structure that suits your budget, so we created…


…where you get to choose your Business Consultant’s hourly rate


For on-call access to business expertise


Suitable for ongoing operational support


Suitable for daily support and project delivery

Each Time Pack contains a set number of hours that can be used over several days, weeks, or months, and for any mix of services

Unused time is refundable and expires after 9 months of inactivity

You get a 60% discount on the listed hourly rate for additional services (with some exceptions)

VAT added at checkout


Business Consultants provide business expertise, advice and support, that the company might otherwise lack.

A Business Consultant can be pivotal in steering companies towards success. The challenge is that Business Consultants don’t have any ‘skin in the game’ if your business fails.

Professionalisation redefine business consulting by offering virtual Chief Operating Officers (COOs) / Operations Directors – business consulting designed to the needs of today’s small to medium enterprises, using the latest technology and business practices.

Our virtual COOs bring a wealth of business experience and expertise, helping you streamline, professionalise and grow your business. This modern day interpretation of business consultants gives you the advice and support of a traditional Business Consultant, backed-up with ongoing hands-on support to help you in the long-term – your success is our success.

We provide guidance and develop your business acumen, so you can make informed decisions and gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Working with you, side by side, we get to know you and your business, which helps deliver long-term sustainable results.

Everything starts with a conversation and we are on a mission to improve the small business landscape so get in touch for a no-obligation chat, as we are always happy to help.


  • Business consulting

  • Contract support and negotiation

  • Web design with free hosting!
  • Bookkeeping, Payroll, Accounting, with free software!

  • Companies House and HMRC filing

  • Registered address and virtual landlines

  • Social Media Management

  • IT support with free data storage!

  • Civil and Commercial Mediation


Professionalisation is the process an organisation goes through to develop into a professional, smooth running and stable business.

In short, yes and yes. Our staff are situated all over the UK and the only additional fees are to cover travel (and accommodation if necessary). Fees will be advised in advance and are calculated as the travel time at the hourly rate, plus any costs incurred.

Our phone lines operate 24/7 and our staff have the flexibility to work any hours they feel appropriate. Morning people can start early and night owls can work into the evening. This gives our staff flexibility to work when they are most productive, reducing your costs and helping us manage a better work/life balance. It means we can adapt to your requirements if you need something urgently.

Different methods are suitable in different circumstances, so we have three methods for our staff to use:

  1. Time logging app – Our staff install the app on their laptop or PC, which will then record their activity. As they finish a task they allocate their activities to the relevant account. The app logs the time worked to the second, the applications used, and is the most accurate method we use.
  2. Block logging software – Time worked is rounded down to the nearest 10 minutes, meaning you get some free minutes (so for example 38 minutes worked will be logged as just 30 minutes).
  3. Manual logging – Staff log the start time and finish time in a spreadsheet. We use this for bigger pieces of work like on-site visits.

As with any other professional service that works on a time basis, any time that involves working for or communicating with you, gets logged. We also deduct time if we incur costs on your behalf, like for example Companies House filing fees. Whatever the cost incurred, we deduct an equivalent amount of time from your account. For example, if the cost incurred is £40 and your hourly rate is £80, then we simply deduct half an hour from your account.

This is something we take very seriously. Our staff understand the importance of recording time as accurately as possible and they are provided the tools to do so.

There is no reason or motivation for any of our staff to log extra time as their time records are only used for allocating to your account and bear no relevance to their pay or performance.

In addition, staff only log productive time, which means recording stops even if work pauses momentarily, like to answer a call or chat to a colleague.

Note that for on-site visits we record the whole day.

You can contact whoever you need via our reception. This centralised system allows us to work flexibly, helps us keep our costs down and makes sure you always speak to a real person. It also means that when staff are working for you, distractions that can impact their flow or train-of-thought are reduced.

Our Virtual COO’s / Operations Directors, generally have more hands-on business experience than business consultants, yet our rates are considerably lower than the average consultant charge of £100-£150 an hour.

We are business operation experts, so as you would expect our internal operations are second to none! It is the combination of the services we offer, how we structure our operations internally and how we delegate, that allows us to maintain an unbeatable ‘one-of-a-kind’ service that is constantly evolving.