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Clinician services, managed by a professional team, with admin support to ensure smooth delivery!

Professionalisation is founded on the purpose of improving life in the UK, for everyone.A major factor affecting quality of life is access to quality healthcare.

Our partnerships with healthcare service providers, provide innovative primary and urgent care, clinician led services, through our exceptional staffing pool who deliver efficient quality assessments, both remotely and face-to-face.

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We understand the challenges facing healthcare service providers and in particular, primary care services:

  • An aging population.
  • Primary care dealing with complex cases that would normally be dealt with in-hours general practice or specialty.
  • Recruitment and retention of healthcare staff as a national problem, exacerbated by recent global events.

At Professionalisation, we value our staff and commit to their professional development, assisting providers to overcome these challenges.

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With one phone call you can increase capacity, relieving pressure on your existing services.


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We supply clinical staff, with their own hardware and NHS smartcards, that are experienced in using clinical systems such as Adastra, EMIS, Accurx and System One.

Our staff engage in continuous mandatory training and currently employed by the NHS under constant audit and review.

Professionalisation clinicians are degree educated, hold graduate status in their specialist fields and are currently practicing in general medicine and in both adult and paediatric care.

All Professionalisation services are time-based, so you only pay for the productive hours delivered, at agreed hourly rates.

Our services can be put in place within as little as 5 to 10 working days.

healthcare services

We support you with:

  1. Clinicians to target low acuity clinical cases, releasing GPs to work on high acuity. This avoids long waits and repeat callers and provides are more economical workforce.
  2. Non-clinical staff using decision trees / decision support tools, to answer calls to place in an ‘assessment queue’.  We suggest dedicating a clinician to these cases to rapid assess and progress. Put in call takers to filter out callers to either go onto the pathways system or to be dealt with there and then.
  3. Comfort callers to help manage the workload.
  4. Professionalisation acting as a primary access organisation of any temporary staff entering your business and perform paper sifts, compliance checks and shift bookings.  Your current teams remain in control for end stage sign off.  If we have access to your internal clinical system, we can also perform productivity checks, per clinician, per shift.


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